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Hartbig Fanfic Challenge: The First Hartbig Kiss - SparklinGrey93

Hartbig Fanfic Challenge: The First Hartbig Kiss

Hello Shipmates!

Sorry this took so long, exciting things are about to happen at Hogwarts in my life. I’ve had meetings all week whilst also working my two jobs. 

I have finally finished this month’s challenge and that is the most important thing. 

This month was particularly difficult and Hartbigfic and I weren’t sure we were going to do it but we did get a lot of initial interest so it happened.

The Mothership has been soooo busy this week, so i’m just going to remind you that the challenge ends on the 31st of this month at midnight Australia time (GMT 10+). 

As always, Enjoy!

Maggie is the best! She reread the text on her phone and screwed up her face. She didn’t have time, nor was she in the mood for this crap. Quickly discarding her phone on the counter she hollered for Goose and put a bowl of wet dog food on the ground. The puppy danced into the room and barked happily before burying her head in her dinner. The phone beeped once more, another text from Hannah.

Sorry babe, Maggie stole my phone.

“And?” Grace was not in any position to send anything back. She couldn’t stop thinking about Hannah on one knee before her, in front of hundreds of people. Everything had faded around them as Hannah said “Will you…” the pause was long and angsty. She wasn’t ready for marriage but seeing Hannah, her girlfriend of eight months, looking directly in her eyes with the biggest grin on her face. She wanted to say yes.

“…make a movie with me?” She remembers the disappointment that ran through her body but there was no time for that; she had to act quickly. Grace shook the memory from her mind and turned off her phone, placing it down on the counter. She sighed aloud and tried to not be angry at Hannah for playing with her heart like that. But she had every right to be furious.

She wandered over to her computer and opened up Tumblr, clicking on the search bar and typing in ‘Hartbig’. The usual popped up, her and Hannah smiling at each other with a semi edited background so that it’s not completely obvious that the user had just blatantly stolen it from an Instagram photo. There were Hartbig videos and song playlists, various quotes from her and Hannah but then something that infuriated Grace popped up.

Someone posted a rant about how ‘Swarto” was real and they had screen grabbed Hannah’s Winestream of the two looking at each other. She clenched her fists, wanting to write to the user who posted it asking why they would tag it in ‘Hartbig’ if it was actually ‘Swarto’. It was just attention seeking she told herself and it wasn’t real, she had first-hand knowledge of that. She scrolled past it and came to another post from the Winestream where Hannah had said it was too early to put a ring on it.

“God this is infuriating.” She quickly turned off her computer and walked out onto the patio where she laid down on her deck chair and looked up at the starry sky. She drifted off to sleep soon after and dreamt of the first Hartbig kiss.

“What’s up fuckers!” Mamrie yelled at the top of her lungs. Hannah and Grace laughed from the balcony as they watched Mamrie dance around the back yard.

“She’s going to make the neighbours hate me already.” Grace sipped at her lemonade.

“It’s a house-warming party, what do they expect?” Hannah smiled.

“With three people? That’s hardly housewarming, I’m not even drinking tonight.”

“It would look pretty bad if you burnt your new house down on day one.” Hannah took a gulp of her Corona, “Plus, you need time to discover all the dangerous parts of this house so you don’t trip and fall when you drink, or even when you’re sober. I mean, I’m only five minutes away but if you fall and hurt yourself, I may not be able to get here in time.”

“It’s just that my legs are too long. Sometimes I pretend I’m a giant walking through a small village and trying not to step on the tiny villagers.” Hannah laughed as she pictured it.

Grace enjoyed making people laugh but had recently come to the conclusion that her jokes were only funny if Hannah laughed. So she tried harder and harder to see the brunette smile. She hadn’t wondered why she wanted Hannah to laugh, she figured it didn’t matter.

“I trust that you would save me; you’d rescue me if I was in distress.” Grace smiled and watched as Hannah looked away shyly. She bit down on her lip and placed her hand over Hannah’s that rested on the patio railing. Grace grasped it firmly and ran her thumb over the soft skin.

“Grace.” Her lisp was prominent as she looked down at their hands. She wasn’t sure if she was questioning the blonde’s actions or egging her on. All thoughts had escaped from her mind at this simple contact and forming words was not something that she was going to be able to do.


“Holy shit!” Grace jumped back and released Hannah, “Mamrie! You scared the shit out of me.” She slapped the redhead on her shoulder playfully.

“You guys are being boring!” She slurred, “I feel like I’m drinking for the three of us.”

“Well, we both have meetings tomorrow. Hannah has the ‘Hello Harto’ proposal and I have auditions.”

“Uh, yeah. Plus you drink for three anyway Mames.” Hannah piped up trying to shake off the thought of Grace’s thumb rubbing against the back of her hand.

Mamrie frowned and turned away, “Whatever bitches! I’m going to watch some Toddlers in Tiaras.”

Hannah giggled and took a long swig of her beer following after Mamrie only to be tugged backwards. It was Grace, of course it was Grace. She was face to face with a blonde, barring the obvious height difference. Hannah felt taller somehow, in a way that neither height nor gravity mattered in this moment. It was just her and Grace.

Grace clutched at Hannah’s hip trying to keep her from running. A single hand glided slowly down her face and she knew the brunette wasn’t going anywhere. She watched as Hannah slowly, nervously, licked her lips and she couldn’t prolong this further. Leaning in slowly, Grace kept her eyes open until she felt soft lips touch her own.

“Grace?” The voice shook her awake, “What are you doing out here babe?”

“Hannah?” Grace rubbed her eyes as the small figure approached her in the dark.

“Of course.” Hannah stood beside the chair somewhat nervously.

“What are you doing here?” Grace asked as she yawned.

“Well,” Hannah scratched the back of her neck awkwardly. “I thought, I mean… you didn’t reply to my texts. I tried calling you and nothing, so like… I guess.” Grace began to giggle, “Are you angry with me?”

She was or at least she had been. But not now, not anymore. “ I was exhausted babe, I turned my phone off so I could have some peace.”

“Oh!” She let out a relieved laugh.

“You dork.” Grace smiled and stood up, taking Hannah’s hands in her own. “Do you remember our first kiss?”

“Yeah,” Hannah looked up at Grace, “Scariest moment of last year.”

Grace laughed, “I thought asking me out was the scariest moment?”

“Yeah, but that was this year.” Hannah grinned, “I nearly had a mental breakdown that day.”

Grace leant down and pressed her lips against Hannah’s, “Don’t change, okay? Ever.”

Hannah smiled, unsure of why Grace was so insecure in this moment but happy enough to know that this was a rare moment that was not often shared. She was honoured to be this person that Grace trusted enough to bare her soul.

“Never.” She whispered, meeting Grace’s lips once more.


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